Did you know that millions of printer cartridges are manufactured everyday & on average, it takes over 2 quarts of oil to make each one? Those cartridges are used once & pitched into landfills, to the tune of 65,000,000 per year in the USA alone. At Inside The Box, Inc. we think there’s a better way, and for nearly 20 years we’ve been recycling/remanufacturing to create like new, 100% guaranteed, OEM quality, ink & toner cartridges at a fraction of OEM cost. 
• Remanufactured products reduce oil use & reduce carbon footprints
• Our products slash production & component costs

• Our products create jobs,  while  creating  OEM quality products for you at  a fraction of OEM cost. 
Our system & nearly 20 years of know-how, complimented by very low overhead, position Inside The Box, Inc. to be way ahead of competition, and always the best value for you.